SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Friday, 24 April 2020

Please refer to our below thread - this morning there is a very unholy situation developing.

Beside the Parliament Building our impute in building those two Bridges that SIROP program, then French government and the EU high officials and our greater Community issues come crunch time all  those who emphasis the Freemason workings. Then everybody forget,  chose to forget such issues and topics ever existed- we were called to impute.  ( Part of the reason for this blog the Road Maintenance important work - corona-virus)

Please refer to our below thread - this morning there is a very unholy situation developing. It is to do with the gentleman with the big/special moustache in Alsace/Lorraine and that Gardner in Kent with the same moustache and the Head of Seychelles Intelligence newly formed and Mr Moustache also.
We need to go back to then President J A Michel the Presidential election and the National election of 2016, we had gone to Germany/possibly Vienna and Strasbourg then incoming new Team of EU and the Italian designate Commissioner for External affairs the situation with the EU Budget for the next 4/5 years< We had kept our word and helped, impute and the outcome to the EU Budget events in Strasbourg then Holland government and his Officials. .
In France, Strasbourg and Germany and Vienna those who knew we had fully expected when the SNP/LDS won the election and got the majority in the National Assembly they would have taken one moment to address that historic program they completely refused, then Sir James Mancham alive and President FA Rene - come the National Assembly Truth committee the same situation that did not stop, prevent us from lodging our plaint, copy to the ICJ the ICC, African Union, the UNHCR, those leading Justice of Mauritius and the Barreau de France, Britain, Australia, the USA, Canada had they done this the many important world developments and impacts - this is the mad crazy Seychellois with all their big writing on Facebook, may distorted and false publications nobody in the world challenge their dialogues. in the end. That Corona virus would never never have happened. The bloody mess with the Tourist industry and the National economy and the super mess. Then Minister Alain St Ange, The regional situation and the whole world.
Finally come the National Truth Commission our Plaint on that SIROP program of 1986/87 $500 - $800 millions then Cold war today gross worth some $4 billions, the contents of our file, the efforts to get due legal representation to assist us, other events impacted by our plaint before that Truth commission and that Corona virus, the death and the Britexit.
We now have a terrible situation the Britexit crises, the Corona virus and the awful situation with not just Seychelles economy, the region nations and EU, the world the USA. The Gilets Jaunes have tried to share their concern of things in France, those politicians who think they are demi Gods and super smart, they know better. The new Team EU the dreadful situation they are in.
The SDA Community in #strasbourg and the Jewish Community have not helped either.
We are going to post a few photos and will try and transfer this thread to a Blog.

Ambassador of the United States in France, Jane Hartley, was travelling in Alsace this week to celebrate the 150 years of the U.S. Consulate General in Strasbourg. On this occasion, President Obama signed a letter to mark the 150 years of diplomatic relations between the United States and the Alsatian city. Discover the letter here: The Ambassador took advantage of her trip to Alsace and went to the Council of Europe where the United States is celebrating its 20th anniversary as an observer state!.

We may not be living in Strasbourg those who have done everything to prevent and stop us,  the big why forget the Bridge those four pieces of Berlin Wall is the biggest injustice on this earth those four pieces of Berlin wall stand as witness what really happened at 87a Victoria Kilburn Brent importantly linked to one of Europe most important historic event and the why as against the media report, European Justice and that SIROP program.The many emails and letters to the European Human Rights Court and that Seychelles Truth Commission.  

26/4/2020 US First Lady Trump Birthday 

Our reason for wishing US first lady a Happy Birthday loosing the thread and the comment to Mr Paul chow  our effort to share with the public and the Officials the linking issues between that CORONA virus and Seychelles/China  . The British police, government is threatening me with arrest, imprisonment  and death because of our publication and this publication few minutes ago. (We had requested to Wikileaks to publish what they knew and their refusal)

If we were allowed to address the Royal court of Justice given that is the highest instance before addressing the European court. Our call for due reporting on that SIROP program - President F Mitterrand knowledge the untold and unpublished issues of his person and that SIROP program, chancellor Koln knew the situation and many other western Leader including then Lady Thatcher , NATO high officials, then President 'Tito of Yugoslavian knowledge . That was the big why those who do not know why President Reagan came to office,  then politic of the USA and the decision to write that SIROP program very important unpublished issues of then USSR  and that program and the big why, Sir James Mancham knowledge in spite of what he choose  to publish and most of all President F A  Rene knew about that Plan  and eventuality. Why then Pope John Paul  ll came to office, not the Cardinal on decisions/voting, it was to save humanity mankind   - We are putting the article here we trust the Seychelles Truth commission,  the ICJ and he ICC official will take the due time to read it very carefully  in the past we have simply  written that SIROP program helped avoid a third world war, Nuclear war. -


We found our self listening to Mr Paul Chow statement /witness evidence to the Seychelles Truth commission. given that Sir James Mancham is not there to answer questions.

Time and time we have endeavoured to inform the Truth Commission and the National assembly Truth Committee, Seychelles is not unique on that planet, we are not from Saturn or Jupiter - meaning the many nations very aware that their national and regional or international politic is, get impacted by other nations the relevancy and importance.

We have mostly publishes issues with the Mitterrand government. How it was for those wishing to change Seychelles by military means until 1981 May, the very marked difference, the government of the President Valerie Giscard D'astaing and that of President Mitterrand- in France these old military technicians and military adviser who must know and remember. Other Seychellois endeavour to use Military technicians to change Seychelles then.

In Mr Chow statesmen to the Commission, he said " the Plane had refuel in Comore last three person going through Seychelles custom was a French lady and she had a bunch of flowers". Others say it was a gentleman with a bunch of banana. For any serious Military and intelligence operator when planning and implementing such an operation security is never enough. The Red alert that planning anything from London would fail and the why -The heightened rivalry between the then France government of Mitterrand relationship with Fa Rene and compared to that of President Giscard D'estaing Cold war workings, The French intelligence monitored most of the workings of the Indian ocean at least once upon a time they did and any operation of the size Mr chow talked about they wold have known and had some details and other intelligence Services.

We also listened to his answering that African Truth Commissioner, did he realise the full consequence of his planning/executing a military coup against his Nation - his reply. He refused to say, state those be they French, British, the US , South 'African or Israel then who supported such action - they took the overall role and functioning of then Cold war Seychelles into the equation. Had a Mike Hoare coup worked out that government arrangement with those nations prepared to support its economic plan and diplomacy. This should, ought to have been made very clear to the Truth commission and same the many from the ex SPPF who have been before the Commission and their approach and statements, without the outside powers Seychelles government was nothing most would say. It could not have existed. He also refused to tell , inform the Commission it was after that attempted coup that the vast majority of those wishing to support a coup and its new government headed by Sir James Mancham took their distances. This remain the case until that SIROP program was initiated and promoted in 1986/8. Beside our Ancestral Pirate heritage what this imply in both normal government working and those endeavouring a coup.

Valéry Giscard d'Estaing

1981 Seychelles coup d'état attempt

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