SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 11 April 2020

In the Seychelles Community in exile in Britain we have lost three person to the corona virus this Ester eve 2020.

In the Seychelles Community in exile in Britain we have lost three person to the corona virus this Ester eve 2020.

 In the Seychelles Community in exile in Britain we have lost three person to the corona virus this Ester eve 2020.

We want to repeat we have address the Vatican on the original Mad Cow/Satanic rage, crack vibe  phenomena in 1986/87 in writing letter we handed to the Vatican Office in London and several letters on that SIROP program contents and events. Yet the major economic and financial benefits the Vatican received from that program,  the office of Pope John Paul ll  knowledge of all the details, the NATO issues, France, Britain,  Italy itself and the USA then /White House,  link to the USSR change, the COMECON change and changes in Poland, Africa, Asia and Latin America. The possibility of new Church expansion in former East Europe and the USSR. The big Italian Banks and the Vatican Bank major benefits.

That St Peter Basilica duplicate in Africa, the building of the new Opus Dei Headquarter in the USA, Vatican new relation with Israel and the Holocaust, the WWW issues and the Vatican - later our contribution that those wrote several books on the Vatican the Illuminati, turned into films. In Vienna the Church knowledge.  

The meltdown of 2007/8 and the economic mess and the Vatican Banks major loss. Our call, plea to the UN, EU help report on that SIROP program. Letters to the ICJ and he ICC  and many others.

Yet when it came to the issues of Reporting their stand.

In Mauritius Cardinal Margeot who knew a  great about that SIROP program and the vast, many issues upon his death the appointment of Cardinal Piat. In the Mauritius media the Pope  visit to Mauritius last year the issue that he could be elected,  eligible for election if the Pope died. What we published.

Upon the Pope visit to Mauritius the Seychelles delegation to Mauritius that Seychelles Truth commission was in place What we wrote. .   Vatican and the Church know about Sins and evil, curse what it means. That Corona virus did not start in January it started in 2019 in Italy, the many letters to the Italian EU Commission and the EU Office in the Indian ocean and the many leading lawyers in Mauritius on that SIROP program and,  the correspondence to the world layers, Justice and officials help us, beside the NEOM . Everybody refuses. That SIROP program had a very  significant Church, belief and faith involvements.

This evening as those celebrate the East Mass - Christ resurrected the state of things over 25,000 death  in Italy among priests and Bishops, the state of Italy economy and society. The important role those Italian politician and their Illuminati had played in that program. Their argument that EU had forsaken them and now they want big financial help - We writing to that Truth commission let us address them the issues as they were it may save the world from a third world War and mega economics mess and they have refused - the recent appointment to serve on that ###Truth commission. In Seychelles this Easter the First time in history they will not have a Palm Sunday Procession and  all the church Lock down and they are supposed be God representation on  earth. They are supposed to be wise and knowledgeable. All the Churches in EU this Easter Sunday Mass. the Image of the dooms Day Tapestry.  They are supposed to know how the Holy spirit works and how God talk to his people for thousands of years - those supposed to shepherd  them,  guided them. .

Cardinals of Mauritius

We have watched, waited and studied Vatican and other world Churches reactions, views to the NEOM Mega City topic $500 billions.  The very important and significant interfaith linking issues the next 25 - 30 years. The Middle East, North Africa and Europe our statement the need for the 13th Tribe of Israel to participate in that mega development and as well as the 10 lost Tribes of Israel who they are and that SIROP program linked to both those topics then  1986/87, then White House of President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul ll. (We have written the need for inclusiveness in NGO terminology,  practice, nation workings)

The announcement and decision to put in place the EU,  Euro 500 billion package to save, help EU. 

Coronavirus: EU finance ministers agree on €500 billion ...

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