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SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
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Friday, 3 April 2009

NATO 60th Anniversary celebration in Strassbourg

NATO 60th Anniversary celebration in Strassbourg

When we compare Bod Geldoff – manner to present and address the issues he did at the G20 Summit in comparison to the first Live Aid – Ethiopia famine, the vitality, the dynamic, the drive the utter zeal and conviction he and all of us confronted the issues. The over polite and over groomed manner he addressed the issues once again at the G20 Summit – yet should the true facts be detailed and presented properly those world leaders who have failed in a very big way their office and responsibilities over the past 10 years the reason the world has reached and arrived where we are. Individuals like himself and many others who have been muzzled and psychologically refrained from acting and speaking out and the fast degrading situation – those political elites who think and their media they alone can run and rule the world.

Yet the vast many demonstrators and those who did not demonstrate or took part their views – the political system has failed and is failing.

We have started this thread with those issues to point out how terrible those elected by the respective citizens of our world and society are managing and reacting – why so. For those who are not naive NATO is the killing Machine – instrument of the West and EU full stop. This is not about civilized killing machine- if it adopted this posture and attitude it would not be in a position as a Military Organization to function over is opposition – enemy the Russian, the Chinese, the Arab and others.

Just like those attending the G20 world Summit in London have failed and are failing to take into proper account what has led them to come together – their polite public show, leaving out the much more serious and grave issues – who will attend or tackle them. When other do then they come back and behave like uneducated pigs.

On this 60th Anniversary of NATO we want to ask a very crucial question to those responsible and leading, the Generals and the politicians - because we can.

1 – Had the COMECON change not taken place where would NATO be today and even in the schools and class rooms the school children will answer, those who in 10 -15 years later take up their boots, arms etc and fight for NATO. The answers should it be explained to all,those school children in EU. The world and EU a different place – there would and should have been a major military conflict – Nuclear or otherwise - , those form the Civic societies, NGO, Church , voluntary armies – who see the purpose and function of human and mankind different – the mega efforts they took and used to avoid and change the course of History – not NATO and their propaganda Machine.

Fortunately in EU we have certain very important institutions – what we have come to term our ancestral archaic/fraternal – Christian heritage – they those responsible how they manage information and those ancient an historic events of our ancestors – when NATO was not around. Their abilities and resource available to monitor and confront in instance when those who loose their Heads or over zeal advocate and lend to the spreading of distortion, lies and unwarranted propagandas to suit their ends.

At this Morning and 60th NATO Anniversary – individuals like Lech WwValensa of Solidarnos , those who former d the nucleus of the protest at Danzig ought to have been present and interviewed. Not the current Polish politicians and their media crooks.

Those who served in the Office of Pope John Paul ll closely involved in monitoring the crucial and unofficial issues of the Danzig protest – it could have been that those who really know and were involved instead of supporting Lech Walensa and the strikers whisper to the Military and the Soviet Generals - the outcome would have been very different. The Polish Military and the Soviet would have used force – we know this for certain- those at the time who knew.

They ought to interview those involved in the protest in Czechoslovakia at the time Lech Walensa started the Danzig protest – rather the protest started and equally the Romanian parties.

From the former East Germany there are very many around including Chancellor Merkle – shame on her and the Deputy Leader of Mr Oscar Lafontaine Party, their duplicity , arrogance and distorted presentation of what took place and how changes really come to Germany and the German reunification. ( We have been brought to have respect for our archaic/fraternal and Christian heritage and institutions – what is taken place in Germany currently in economic term and began under chancellor Schroeder - their dishonest manner and way they have been manipulating and presenting to the world the changing which came to Germany and why. Today NATO 60 th Anniversary and those in Germany who cannot differentiate between their enemies and friends – a bit of the same attitude and malaise like the USA, the British. Those who have saved their arse – their nation, dignity and values they threat like Terrorist , let loose their dogs and use every methods to obliterate and they thing history and those archaic/fraternal – Christan heritage and mechanism will forgive and let them get away with it. )

Then we turn to today Russia – former USSR, those around then President Gorbachev, what really took place. The visit to London of President Gorbachev and the issues of Lady Tacther – which really got him into big trouble with the Generals and the former Soviet system those who had suspected and knew something was very wrong – the efforts by then Lady Tacthers. Those who misjudged or were misinformed and believed that Lady Tacther was puling the string or certain in London and they were very wrong with all their leading experts, massive resource and knowledge. They ought to find out what really took place that led to President Gorbachev almost being killed and President Yeltsin taking over and his people - they ought to be interviewed – we are not dealing with a Terrorist nation we are dealing with the former USSR - the party that sent shiver in the spine of mothers, children , babies and grandparents/elderly in the West. What really happened - their views and acessment of NATO then and the development of NATO these past 18years – the many bogus Wars started for political, big money and dubious reasons and the Western media involvement.

There is the need to get those around President Francois Mitterrand this morning who really knew what was happening then – our French archaic/fraternal and Christian heritage and their mechanism being applied and the media then – those those scums running around Paris today. For those Military General who have given some of the best military education to those young French soldiers – when you have a situation or system build heavily upon distortions and disinformation something will give in - collapse and this is What NATO is all about.

The important question we want to ask the French Senate this Morning , the French People and the very many French Institutions and the President of France - had we not put that link of NATYO on our Sechelles – Seychelles EU community portal the synergy/.dynamic and the many important issues that have come about because of this the past 6months almost - would France have joined NATO. Those from Lady Tacther's office, Prime minister John Major, Prime Minister Blair, the many USA Presidents, the Russians, - those who knew and were aware of our debacles and the issues we were involved the confrontation between the French Military and those from NATO interest - what has happened – did these never take place. The intelligence and system in place today which lead and make those take certain decision and the position – the terrible media role.

Equally those from Vienna at the time of the Lech Walensa debacle, the first sign of the Danzig protest – the undercurrent then. Those around chancellor Kreisky what they knew and what they have never told the world - the world and western media feeding the crap and lies to the world and so call political decision machine. We have said ofter the role of Austria in the 1st world war and the 2nd world war and the debacle yes or no to do something to change the situation in the COMECON AND IT what MANNER OFR FORM SO THAT WE DO NOT HAVE TO HACVE A CONFRONTATION WITH THE Soviets – USSR AND THE WARSAW BLOCK THEN. They ought to be at the 60th Ceremony – along with those there not just the current dishonest bunch – who is leading the world to fiasco.

Then there those in Italy – then Office of Andreotti - their archaic/.fraternal =- Christan mechanism and that of Vatican being applied and used then and was used all along until 1997 they ought to be there this morning and be given the opportunity to say what happened and warned those Generals and their politicians.

Last we turned to those in the USA who were there at the time of President Ronald Reagen and President George Bush Senior later. The blood lies of US media, their intelligence Service and many others – what really led and what mechanism was used that President Ronald Reagen was elected and the reason he was elected as President of the USA – like President Clinton and current President Obama – the media lies, the establishment lies, the military lies and those from the greater public who have know otherwise and let themselves and their children be drag along in the mess.

President Ronald Reagen in private and in person knew the real role of Walensa, those in Vatican, those in France, Vienna, those in Germany, those in USSR, Those in Italy and those in London. The scenario with the media, the generals and those historians have repainted – the secrets which such individual have taken to therm graves – the current NATO and its 60th anniversary.

We ask those from the USA archaic/fraternal and Christian heritage who knew or learned of what took place and was taking to come forward. The fact that for the past 30 years there is and have existed two or three system in place in the world involved in managing, coping and taking care of those issues – NATO 6o th anniversary today – those individuals and people will not be around except those politicians and their friends.

What about those in china at the time for all the Chinese secrecy and so call Chinese Curtain like the soviet – their ability to gather and collect vital and whatever information they deem is relevant for their country at the time – their knowledge and what the Chinese public were told and what their media were told. The role and position of China in the then military COMECON – Warsaw debacle and the protest in Danzig by Walensa and the start of Solidarnos.

very important the role of Dr Butros Butros Ghali – those who really knew and know what led to his election as Secretary of the UN then Lady Tacther knowledge and the position of the UN at the time of the COMECON existence, Warsaw Pact how they reacted and responded – the evaluation of Dr Burtos Ghali Office. How UN persive those involve in the mega changes of the COMECON and then NATO role – all those who have done the dirty work for NATO Generals and their machine – today and over the past 15 years their arrogance and political attitude – those in current Russia whop had suspected, been informed and aware of how these issues affect and impact NATO and Western allies decision Making process.

The World and EU have got a very Serious – those we will not wast words small politicians who are playing gods with people destiny because they have been elected – once elected they develop and create laws and system to dominate and Lord over the very citizens who have put them in Power.

Most important we have the role of those Policing and involved in Policing such events like the Current Strasbourg 60th NATO Anniversary – the manner and methods – they have no rights to be there – they do not know what they are protecting and defending – whatever orders and guideline they have been given – how can the the Police of a Nation protect and defend something they do not know about or what really they are protecting – resulting in scenario like TV and video Games and the such.

Those youth and citizens who are not stupid and realize aspect of many aspect of these development and their respond and reaction.

Finally we want to address those attending that NATO 60th anniversary – they rely heavily for computer science and resource in almost every sphere of their work and commitments – those in Israel who have sued the computer science to predict and forecast a Major military confrontation at hand and inevitable – this could and should have taken place those again from the NGO, the Church and other Civil bodies who are doing the dirty work and job of NATO those General and their [politicians nasties and they turn round with the help of the media crooks and take the credit, the lime light etc. - somebody somewhere ought to try this refuse to vie or look any such TV program right across the world – this will send the right message to NATO and their Generals and those politicians involved and the police without having to go on the streets.

Then there is the issues of the many bogus and current issues NATO is involved and deploying their forces and resources – the dishonesty, the lies and manipulative aspect of the media or certain medias – chuting out what are the other factors and dynamic causing the given conflicts and their development – those who have know and involved in such issues over the past 25 years in very important manner. Including the election of NATO Heads and their staff for the the media circus and lies or what news information come out of NATO.

What we will not write about the role and impact our Seychelles EU community coat of Arms played/have played and impacted NATO those who monitor, study and manage such arcahic/fraternal - Christain heritage, their issues. ( The reason we became very angry with President FA Rene - those arround him who understand Military issues - the Russian, Chinese and others over this project - again the issues of that mega earth quake and the Tsunami of 2004/5the lies and coverup)

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