SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Chancellor Merkle awaited Opel speech – still no Investor 18.45 pm Phoenix TV

Firstly we wish to ask everybody to get Grubi that flipping “bib sega” to open his ears very big and wide what we are about to say, then go and tell everybody in the SDP English - SPD German that way he gets accolade. promotion, recognition and we get dirt.

Yesterday right across the board except one or two Markets had green indicators most had red indicators pointing down some as much as 250 points.

Today the Market has picked up again – the so call experts given their usual dishonest – lies and con why the Market have climbed again.

We have been “listing” for feed back and “buzz “ about that thread we wrote concerning prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi new political party – just in case those who think we are very deaf – the announcement by certain High parties in Washington a serious deal with GM can only be considered with Fiat involvement -

Now Grubi you “bib Sega” ( the first German bib Sega we came across was in Nuremberg long before the Berlin Wall came down – only for those who know what we are talking about) we have written over the past 15 years and explained that we have contributed and supported mergers of large multinational – among some of these are the Motor Industry – be they German, French, Scandinavian, Italian, British, USA, Japanese and Chinese, South African and Latin American. Those who know and have monitored our involvements. Then come important debacle everybody forgets and have forgotten - some obscure experts or group of experts instead are given the benefits and publicly acknowledge – then we /the mass, the public wonder what the meltdown take place.

All those who know from GM and Ford the reason, the battle they haver been building their so call port folio and why ( to be polite we cal on their and our archaic/fraternal – Christian disciplines to be involved)

We have been following the debacle about the Motor industry ever since the first financial blow up took place – part of our way of monitoring and evaluating those issues – the performance in the Motor industry – the knowledge and expertise we have acquired over the past 25 years.

This thread is about Opel and we will try to stick to it – the debacle about Opel for the past two months.

We have tried to follow as many as we can the TV discussions, protest, trade union issues, the position all major German political parties including the long awaited speech by Chancellor Merkle today. ( We also followed the issues of the Gulf Abu Dabi acquisition of 8% in the Daimler Group – what to certain extent prompted this)

There is a very major problem here and we wish to say it plainly and bluntly – the very easy manner and way many very leading EU, USA, Russia and Chinese politicians forgets or the mechanism in place that they forget.

Grubi you bib Sega now get mad, throw a tantrum, swear at all the Seychellois – including the grave of their ancestors in France, Reunion, Mauritius and Seychelles beside other part of the world they have migrated for the past 300 years.

In that SIROP CDU/ DP/alliance/SNM/, MPR exile return program of 1987 – 1991 there about. Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci was very much involved and taking the best of the cream and making the best cheese. Along with the political process in many of the former COMECON countries, the political debacle in Northern Ireland – for a longterm and stable process and political future in the Indian Ocean that Seychelles as 3rd Republic ought to have a two tier Parliament System an Upper House and a lower House – A Senate type of Parliament – to be debated once we all got to Seychelles. The CIA, the Pentagon, the White House, most of the Russian, Chinese, British, French, aspects of South African, German institutions and that of EU were reasonably informed – including the UN.

We the Sechelles – Seychelles people in EU and the Indian Ocean we have a some what antiquated way of doing things – those who have passed away their specializations and those alive.

There were three important issues related and linked – the Italian past P2 connection - current Italian archaic/fraternal Christian and business - diplomatic heritage, the political system. Then the French archaic/fraternal – Christian and political or historic system. The USA We then had the issues of the Senator Car in Britain the issues and in Germany Opel Car Manufacture – all the debacle and scandals, the rip off, the fortunes and the $ billions everybody have made – the dirty politics. In Britain the car with the name Senator is /was manufactured by Vauxhall. Then there was the old mobile Homes and the new mobile homes with the name Senator – the issues of our one bed office/home Emperor those who have made their %$billions, their dirty politics , their rip off , their killing and the bloody mess. What has led to GM from acquiring those brand name with Senator – how this work and why. Those who have made their big money on the back of the daily and monthly and yearly issues – in the media they lie, at the many big Board meeting they lie on and on.

The mechanism behind that mega Earthquake and the Tsunami of 2004/5 is part of the issues. We have stated this time and time again.

In the Indian Ocean, African Union former OAU those who knew and have known the Seychelles community in EU after events of 1991 in Seychelles we still had an Agenda, FA Rene and the SPPF, Mancham and his DP and Waval and his people .

You do not get to mechanize, build such massive system dynamic, connection to propell or catapult an issue or events for nothing and just forget it – like many of the loony world politicians you wake up the next day it was never there - nobody knew about this or it.

Those who have come to Seychelles, those from South Africa, those from Mauritius and Reunion, France or Italy who have capitalize on this debacle and issues very importantly and the involvement of GM or the White House or the State Department or their USA the Pentagon or the media.

Over the past 60 days nobody have mentioned anything about this or these – yet one cannot watch a half decent TV program if some scum bags does not start Freemason this or Freemason that and Freemason everybody.

We say it again - there was reason those who slaughtered Professor Micheal Hoffman did what they did – the difference between his Interdisciplinary Management Institute and that of the Davos lot/. Because his discipline and synergistic mechanism was being used and applied not Davos.

Having said this those who have ask how can we make Alitalia work and the many other times we have been involved and made help Fiat get out of terrible situation. Because we have certain abilities.

We have followed and contributed to some of the Opel development over the past 60 days not in any robust manner - those who knew our ability would have spotted it immediately.

In good English we are absolutely cheese off and hence our tone and language with Grubi – we know what goes on in Seychelles and Germany – and the AKS forum and the ruddy Circus.

We have the capacity and ability to grab and nail an investor for the Opel Car manufacture – the reason we have not done so is the shitty and shoddy treatment we have been getting from the time of Chancellor Schroeder – the scam, the con and crap those politicians who go about using other knowledge and abilities, they use their political Godly powers to shut others up and let the dog loose on them. Including those SEPEC Tankers and a number of other important Corporate issues.

We want to spell it to the leading German thinkers, their industrialist, their politician, their Trade Union and their Intelligence Service – check with the core of the Davos lot those who have 30 years or so in high management – when you have build a product or a major development program around a given archaic/fraternal – Christian discipline and their dynamic - before you dismantle or change the system you have better know what your are doing other wise you will lend up in a terrible mess.

We have - still been calling JA Michel government for a Senate parliament system the very dangerous political blow up all over the Indian ocean and Madagascar.

With FA Rene when we did that SIROP program he underlined and nailed it that we have to come with an economic package and if we went back upon our words and betrayed him – there would be hell, to pay from the Pentagon, the Russian, the NATO or the Chinese and all the combine world , Freemason or Fraternal establishment they know what we are saying here.

Recently Mancham put together a think Tank and the terrible mess in Seychelles and the region -,. that Senate parliament system in Seychelles can still be put in place or the government will be overwhelmed with challenges in the distance future and even when a change came the political situation -

We brought the Berlin Wall down together, the German Reunification, the changes in the USSR, the changes in the COMECON, the Treuhand debacle – President Obama have ask around what does SIROP want – a Senate parliament system in Seychelles will guarantee political and economic development over the next 15 years and that of the Indian Ocean Nations and contribute importantly to African Union.

The $ billions he intend to pump in GM - he ought to make his own research what was going in the Grey areas that nobody wrote about officially and like wise German Chancellor Merkle and our friend Mr Oscar Lafontaine, he know a great deal he is not talking about and the egg pelting he got recently.

We have said it and we say it again - you want to decouple and leave us in the cold we are the grand children of 5th generation of French - European of Indian ocean and across the world- you know the rules when it come to ancient archaic/fraternal and Christian heritage and their application .- we will and can find other solutions – we have taken the time and addressed the issue publicly. Not in A lodge or via an Embassy or the such.

Now those of you who specialize in scamming and drinking blood like all crazy sharks – we have shown you where the $ billions lies and the blood, enjoy yourself as you have done it the past – also remember we may all short live, our children and grand children.

We have two lawyers in Seychelles you can contact or get involve with -, lawyers Pesi Pardiwally Townmey and Lablach or Mr Phillipe Boule our preference in the former.

We have a polite request to Sir James Mancham – do not think or try like in that Pirate film – the famous pirate who wanted that ancient Gold chair of the Incas the Spanish and the French and the British tried to steal in the end he/ the pirate plundered that ship and he made of in the Sunset alone and his Inca Gold Chair and an apprentice – just like the Senate issues this will and can have a very bad ending in term of archaic/fraternal – Christian heritage/ disciplines.

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