SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Conference: From the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989 to the Enlargement of the EU in 2004

From the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989 to the Enlargement of the EU in 2004 - “the Role of Civil Society” and the Idea of Europe in Democratic Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe“. The conference will be held in Prague on 1 May 2009. The conference is convened by the European Commission's Directorates General for Education and Culture and for Enlargement, together with the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Recently we added three very important links to our Sechelles – Seychelles EU Community portal project. Youth of Europe – Young Parliamentarians of EU, Integration EU, the new Youth Portal of EU.

The reason being that very many form our Sechelles – Seychelles EU Communities, in the respective EU member state they reside – live, including very many who have married citizens of a given EU member stat, their children, their schools, education process, the very many officials and vast many EU relevant institutions and indeed many at the EU Commission, the Parliament and Council of Europe have taken in what we have been addressing the citizens of EU, their governments, politicians, their media, judiciaries and policing institutions beside the vast armies of NGO's. The way they have explained Europe is supposed and anticipated to work. Guideline, advice, recommendation, best practice.

We read and follow the many news via the EU Commission portal on what they do, support, rights, budget to assist many areas of activities related with a given community or communities, in this case the Seychelles Communities in EU from education, training, health, sport, culture, political debate, media awareness and coverage, the youth, woman, elderly, the former Refugees and exiles and migration integration. The Seychelles communities beside the related in put – associated in put at country national level – by this we mean example France, the church, the local charities, the relevant government Social departments, the local NGO's, the local media and the many other communities be they ethnic or national the interactivity and relations they build and have build – depending on the resources and needs of a give community in a village, town or residential area, schools, colleges and place of work. Directly very little is done have been done for them for the past 20 years.
Yet, the Commission spend and invest massively in media campaign, social, cultural, educative projects, beside issues which they further/promote at schools, place of work and the Town Halls or indeed National Parliaments – the Sechelles – Seychelles EU Community despise protest is being and have been excluded from very many of these costly and powerful EU ambitious programs and ideas – events.

What take place and have taken place the systematic, institutionalized abuse, using their many connection, heritage to link and gear up large projects, multi £billions financial issues, inter government debate, trade issues and they came out short change, penniless, traumatized, feeling very, very hurt and done by.

The men and people on the streets, plain citizens of EU know what is happening, they know and are aware of what happened 20 years ago and all along as we have mentioned here and indeed much more depending on the daily happening and events – relates issues. They also know why and how the process work – why this is being done to our communities, all those involved in managing and making the communities in EU work. Because of our role, contributions in the above mentioned, the WWW project and the “modern – present day communication methodology – practices” which have been meanwhile globally institutionalized.

We are not interested to debate here the role of the relevant Consulate, embassy or such Seychelles Government representative. They have primary role to represent the interest of Seychelles in a given country, region – government national institutions or indeed the many EU institutions. What really happen. The individuals, the families, the youth, the elderly, the sick and needy, the unemployed, the children of a given community of Sechelles – Seychelles in EU face abuse by the very Consulate, embassy appointed to represent them. They are very condescending, they are very arrogant, in most instance they do not want to help or have anything to do with the above mentioned – happy at the same time to rip the benefits of the consulate diplomatic tile. This is not just the Sechelles – Seychelles Community – this is a prevailing practice right across EU and beyond involving Consulate and embassy supposedly appointed to represent the interest of the people, nation and their government.

We take this opportunity to address those who have been short selling, raiding, pilfering our heritage and the interest of the Seychelles EU Community, be they individuals, institutions – this practice have cost every body very dear and if/should nobody want to learn – by the time they take time to regret, it will be very or too late.

We have noted yet again a major event funded and sponsored by the EU on 20 years events and history from 1989 to 2004, as we have very many other important events, conference related to the above – the Sechelles – Seychelles EU Communities never once invited, interviewed, or approached. The Consulate or Ambassador yes. The very important historic issues and events we have been en devouring to address and explain to the world for the past 20 years. What were the real parties, actions, agendas, programs, mechanism which influenced – first Pope John Paul ll as Polish Pope to be elected. The state of the world, EU, the political thinking then and the state of things in the COMECON member countries, USSR, the Western Block, the Communist – socialist Block, the Warsaw Pact, NATO, then OAU, the None Aligned Movement, the Commonwealth, the Francophone and the many relevant UN institutions. The situation in the Middle East, Latin America, China and the Indian Ocean Region.

We have been monitoring many documentaries and related events, major international discussions, media coverage. From the USA – their many National Institutions who have spend and have done almost anything to take credit for what took place from the initial election of Pope John Paul ll to German Reunification and the dismantling of USSR. At the same the ruthless approach to use undemocratic methods, practice, to silence and keep quiet anybody who oppose and have other views. Because of the importance of their media – the rest of the world inability to confront and state otherwise.

We have equally followed the very many discussion, issues and documentaries of the Vatican – those how have tried to put/spin very many angles on what really took place. The election of Pope John Paul ll and events which followed. “We want to pose the world a very serious question, those who will be at this Conference – all those responsible for this Topic at the Commission, the council of Europe and the Vatican. Those who knew at the time the preferred choice of candidate for election as Pope, those form the church of England and their relevant national fraternal – archaic institutions. There are many untold and important issues which the world may and will never know except to very few.” Yet the world media, the underlining issues of democracy, justice and relevant bench mark. Had not Pope John Paul ll been elected – what would have been the outcome in COMECON and the rest of the world. It is the duty and obligatin of every humanalive in EU to question and find out what happened.
Over the past 10 years we have en devoured to address and explain – the vital role the Sechelles – Seychelles EU community in conjunction, assisted by our archaic/fraternal - Christian heritage and their mechanism, dynamics, disciplines, synergies - have played in these historic debacle and process. What do they do the refuse to follow up our address, instead they will dial ague with the Seychelles government and their consulate or embassy in EU – those people we not involved, except for looking and watching opportunities to make business, raise their images and make money. In Seychelles the very few involved and we have listed them all over the years.

We have taken great length and time to explain the reasons and part of what happened – what we deem relevant for the greater public. Also history and events have proves you/one cannot disclose every information from the many USA National Institutions, the EU, the Russian, the African Union, the EU, etc.. having parted with such or a given important information how they after turn round either kill the person – very many ways, destroy the person or shut the person up and they use the information for their own ends.

The forthcoming Conference will supposedly highlight and address the participation and function of the Civil societies and NGO in events which led to 1989 – 2004.

We ask all those who are concerned and really interested our very many article and thread on the role of the NGO's or what ewe have termed Networks then and over the past 20 years, the Networks which existed before 1989 – the very many NGO of those COMECON countries in exile in Europe particularly and Britain.

Among other issues we have presented and addressed – our relation to Poland and other COMECON countries and in particular Czechoslovakia, the current EU President – again those who know and have known how certain archaic/fraternal – Christian heritage and their mechanism, discipline and such work or function. The important political family connection which made this linkage and action possible- the whole world completely ignorant, the mass in Czechoslovakia and their current Political leadership, their media completely ignorant. How like the Yugoslavia development had our Seychelles EU Community reacted and responded different their would not have been two separate countries or for that matter the mega division of the Yugoslavia – those who know and are aware of the issues and why the manipulated events such and todays outcome. These are statement we can stand before the UN, the many EU high institutions and repeat them and prove to them how it work and can work – also manipulated, abused by those with special agendas.

Using the logic and argument of our initial involvement from the Vatican – church position, the decision to support the Polish strike and events, issues which followed, the events which followed by the day, the hour across the COMECON – those who knew what was happening, what were involved. We are not denying and will deny some of the very important individual witness, experiences, neighbor, mass meetings, like then they did not know what was making it happening, they thought they were in control, even after the fall of the Berlin wall they thought they were in control and those who have made the very many documentaries to explain and underlined a particular events or the way an event took place. At the end of the day they we just players, others elsewhere were puling the strings and manipulating and controlling events, development, media development and their coverage. This is what have led to the double applicable government, political,and diplomatic standard. Those who have argued the Grey matters is not the concern of the public or writers of history.

We have addressed events in the USSR again those who knew and have known – the cover up. Meanwhile the former Russian President Vladimir Putin to find out and be better informed. Yet those form the former USSR the many leading politicians and political parties are not interested to find out what really happened the election of Mikael Gorbachev, the putsch between him and Boris Yeltsin and direction of the new Russia. Yet those in Washington and London or Paris and how they have preferred to tell other wise and the media along. Had our Seychelles EU community responded and reacted differently – how events in USSR and todays Russia would have been different and the fate of the world.

We have addressed based upon these arguments who we feel involved and responsible for bringing Christianity back to the COMECON countries, bringing back what we have termed archaic/fraternal – Christian institutions, their royalty and nobility, their Heraldic heritages and very many other important institutions which today they take for granted, freedom of the press, the WWW, the armies of NGO and civil societies to be found in their countries today. Most important the contributions we have played that they become part of the EU member nation and the ongoing events from 1998 – to 2004. We have persistently argued and addressed these topics and their relevancy.

We have argued how had, our Sechelles Seychelles EU community been allowed to integrate as had been anticipated their working system on continental EU, Belgium, France, Spain the pendulum of so call market economy not swung the far direction it did and the mega world economic and financial mess up and the situation we are in. We call once again for those who argue the role and values of civil societies in the affairs of EU and history – the experts. You cannot have a situation when it suit you or the said parties use the argument of the importance of the civil Societies – NGO 's that they perform and can perform very important and significant role in daily functioning of society, government – the vast army of EU institutions – yet then because it does not suit the plan or the power constellations refute or ignore their function and abilities.

We have argued about those who have decided to muzzle the civil societies and the NGO's create financial, environment and legislations they they become the under dog, they cannot perform and cannot act as they are meant to function. The greater political agenda – the agenda of One world government and the involvement of the last Two former USA President, that of President Bill Clinton and President G Bush and the state of the world. Inventing and creating enemies – the very civil societies and NGO 's as enemy of the state and the people.

Most important given the none existence means addressed some of the issues at the SIROP blog a link we will attached to this article.

Having state what we have, we also wish to mention the discussion and approach we have build and put together our community portal project – how it have influence development of the Euro. The ECB, the politic and national economy of many EU member states, the politic of EU and other institutions functioning. Had we not had this portal project – in the events of the world situation the greater and worser situation we would have been in. We have equally argued that we are prepared to prove this by shutting down the portal for 6 months and allow those who can the possibilities to monitor events and outcomes.

We want to take this opportunity to lodge our protest at the EU institutions, the many important institutions involved in marking this 20 years of history and events and we, nobody form our Sechelles Seychelles EU community involved, requested to come or participate in any events. Using a bit of logic this is the exact and kind of recipe for trouble and problematic to develop – those who understand public office, function and management and workings. How governments are run.
We have decided to add two picture of the House, property where most of these events and issues played out in London – Britain, 87a Victoria Road – the old coach House, ex British Refugee council Housing Properties. We have also added a picture of the Center in Hounslow where our Seychelles exile community was based and worked with support and assistance from Hounslow voluntary Action and the elderly Group. against the better judgment of many leading Voluntary agencies, workers, community activist – our community created the SIROP etc unofficial exile return program and how we worked and when about promoting it. Beside the involvement of other Seychelles EU Exile and refugees groups and political parties.

Work on the Commuity coat of arms was started in Vienna 1978 there about, because we had been convinced of the exile community return to Seychelles – those involved how we would rebuild the Sechelles – Seychelles EU community network.The future Seychelles, The need to have a coat of Arms and flag to reflect this. They are both included below.

On behalf of our communities in EU, their ancestral archaic/fraternal – Christian heritage, their respective leadership and executives, families, their organs wish those gathered in Phrag Conference to mark 20th year history and events, success and our best wishes to the people of their Nation and EU. The outcome of this year election across the EU, how it could have been very much other wise.

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