SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Presidential candidate Donald Trump challenge to Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton if she has got the stamina

2016 US Presidential Election Debate Video 1-Trump: levy taxes to prevent wealth from leaving US

We sat until 4 am and watched the US Presidential debate - the challenge Presidential  candidate Donald Trump  threw at Presidential  candidate Hilary Clinton.  You do not have the stamina

The Challenge we/I throw at my person  this morning after watching the 6th National Assembly swearing in historic events.  I addressed politely on my Facebook midnight British time about my old SDA school not a picture and the video image and topic I posted - stating my Family had wanted me to study at the SDA Bugema college Uganda - something happened instead after I took exile with my Austrian wife and son  went  on to become an Interdisciplinary management Executive  - with some 35 years experience and knowledge.

The Time is 10.39 am  UK time had been listening to the Radio from Seychelles  and trying to pick the wave/buzz and vibes. The many topic coming up - in particular the untold/unwritten contributions of very of our exiles/refugees not jut the setting up of our first national assembly  and they having to flee in exile/force and their children and properties and work.   The bitter and mega battle we/they choose not to write about among the Norman of the Indian Ocean, Britain and France and the world - many prion and justice system would collapse and many would have to be sent to jail or executed. Yet it has been part of the fight and struggle.

In this morning address by Hon speaker Pat Pillay then emphasis on eradication and the challenge we face with corruption how he have striven to combat and counter this - from his prospective.

Likewise Hon Wavel Wankalawan on setting new political agenda and new Committee to debate and work out the killing, death and past evil deeds.

Followed by the reading from the book of David and followed by the respective prayers of the Church Leader in that Seychelles. The contents of their prayer.

We have also been having an issue with Internet connection and my view those who think God gave them only a mind and brain function to note and be aware what is going  on in their respective environment - yet when they are very ill and need help and then their comportment.  This little incident bring me to think/ponder deeper about event in that Seychelles this  morning.  By the way refer to the contents of Clinton and Trump debate. What were said bluntly and in Seychelles if that was/were said those who would jump on Trois Frere in rage or anger.

In that Seychelles today you do not have only the WWW/Internet and the amount of information and knowledge at the disposition of every and any Seychelles person/citizens.  The scripture and wisdom recommend let other praise you for your work and fame be modest that way you cannot be blamed, defamed.  Yet we have to speak out I played a very vital and crucial role that the WWW was created in 1987 albeit what the media and so call experts - there exist world science to prove and disproves this - beside the Forensic Police Department of Seychelles.  The Justice Department have by now a Forensic Department, other bodies in Seychelles -

Having worked and contributed to vast issue of government, changes and process in and across Europe and the world including the USA, Russia, China  and some of the terrible government understand the mindset and issue which impulse make other say and address the topics they do. In that Seychelles you are not special or different.

Given that former Minister Pat Pillay refused to mention any of it - I stress the debacle of the corruption and that SIROP program and the global melt down  and my pleading with this in the USA and Europe that they do something about this situation in Seychelles - President J A Michel is still alive and VP Danny Faure and President F A Rene - the pressure and our Police, Army and Intelligence those pressures caused that those and in particular former minister Pat Pillay took the action he did and the very important involvement of the former first lady Natalie.

In Latin America, Asia., Arab world and Africa, China and Russia they all have unique/special discipline and functionality which work with their so call respective democratic national issues.  Again Seychelles is not unique.  In intense those who are dishonest they use and apply to be polite Illuminati disciplines and deny and comport as if they know better than everybody before them.

I have know the Pillay family reasonably well beside the st Louis Family/church of England link. Say what you want nobody,  for all the grandiose talk share with people or individual you have little or no connections - you need to know with whom and those you are dealing with and so to the Pillay Family.  When we,  my generation stand and look back at the value of those grandparent who guided and led us in instance and the comportment of their children in instance they are not pleasing - we are not happy.  Relation you do  not and cannot build and destroy them overnight - specially their grandparents were farmers and planters.

This Morning historic event has left a great deal unsaid, many individuals who have done great deeds and good for that Opposition, their names and deeds not mention and we are talking of History - whose History.

Among one of the great battle we fought with that SIROP program to have a University  and how the manner President J A Michel took these on board - the Opposition is, were supposed,  their mandate do better so they promised and talked at their respective rally.  A few year those who would have complained on the few who have University education  can understand,  appreciate and dialogue analyse  - what about now.

In writing these,  thought we are doing so in a very difficult environment and the current political and social situation in Britain, not just for my person all of our Diaspora and exiles community as such it influence and impact our thoughts and ideas and approach. Again former Minter Pat Pillay ought to know this reasonably well, his relatives in  UK.

The greater world, regional and the Churches and global institutions  are watching us with all their cynicism - this morning historic event was a miss opportunity after 40 years of battle to mention how bitter that battle have been and the struggle - those who talk of reconciliation and forgiveness.  Without good health you cannot stand and do things, likewise resources and wealth you exclude and obstruct and deny me those I am supposed to forgive you.   As a young person remembers one of my mega challenge and Christian education and Judge E J Stiven his Scott back ground and education  friend of many great intellectual and great personalities, Christianity is a pimple on the A... of progress.  I took some of his advice and became and Interdisciplinary management Executive.  We have learnt to look at the vast christian rich values, education and functionality as well as great science and past civilization of the world and use the acquired knowledge to help and contribute to the world and society.

We would like to conclude without that SIROP program their would not have been a multiparty return and a Phase lll Reclamation project and without that Reclamation no National Assembly or space for the Chinese to gift and build the National Assembly building,   those today who stood to represent and swear  to serve the citizens and nation of Seychelles and its Institutions and interest. You would be standing in the sea,  swim or drown or use a boat or pontoon to say afloat.  For all the God faith and prayer I cannot see one of you standing on water/sea  and address our nation.

We take this opportunity to wish former president F A Rene well - in the norm, benchmark and best practice of High Interdisciplinary management discipline. Because with out him that  SIROP program would never have exited - by the way please not some earlier contents I  shared,  had the Justice and court to acquaint themselves of our complex Seychelles working issue they would have to build new jail facilities and execute very many individual for high crimes.  The Chinese and Russian government, their officials well aware of what we are writing here in real working of things and real  politic and economic working of Nation.

In addressing these,  the thought of a Dr Tony D'offay,  if he was alive or Judge Souyave if he was alive  and the Delhomme Family and many others - we have had a good education but we refuse to jettison the value of my great aunts and uncles,  they took tobacco snuff - in the USA, Russia, Germany,  France,  Italy  and rest of the world what this mean - we helped to manufacture them too.  Those who have a problem with our approach and manner of communication with our brothers and sisters in Seychelles take their bone and issue /argument to our great aunt and uncles who raised and is constantly by our side daily not you. Our ancestor had a saying that mountain have sex - yes mountain have sex/copulate  and we are trained and have some 35 years of experience,  knowledge in these fields and much more. You African best train psychiatric their reaction and yet in their countries their black craft an many other discipline and we have had to learn and acquire sufficient knowledge and capacity to impute and work with the African nations,  their leaders, institutions and interests again the past 35 years, India, China  and the Arab world.

Just like presidential candidate Donald Trump threw at Presidential candidate Clinton,  she does not have the stamina - you in that Seychelles do not know  what unholy four letter word we/I have to deal with and have been dealing across the world the past 35 years including the Arab world, Asia, Africa  and the Vatican.  Not to exclude the many international institutions.

“Thank you for your trust in me”- President Michel announces he will step down on October 16th

“Thank you for your trust in me”- President Michel announces he will step down on October 16th

We had not read or been informed of this historic development at the time of writing the above. 

In view of the mega UN summit on refuge and migrant, that of EU, including Vienna last  gathering - we had pressured outgoing President J A Michel to put into place legislation enabling the setting up of a Two tier Parliament which many countries have today - some progress were made. He set up instead new structures for the local government and that special committee - we knew it would not work, that was before the Presidential in 2015. Now that events have overtaken his government and the ruling party - a wise legacy would have been to commit his departing government to this project  - there in lay the safety of the nation, stability and securing his work. The political and social dynamic would have been much better - Mr Chritopher Gill support this concept, the officials of the British Seychelles parties have indicated they will support, what about Mrs Amsbury and ex minister Pat Pillay people. 

Prior to the 6th National Assembly the mood and political situation - the former speaker hold a very impressive back ground knowledge on a number of Nations two Tier Parliament working - he himself was being challenged by this topic and project whilst in Office - would not a wise decision to task him  with formulating the parameters and requirements for a start  and supported by the former Deputy speaker they have Right as Seychellois too instead of letting their knowledge go to wast. 

Patrick Herminie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Morning after the swearing in of the 6th National Assembly ad the negative buzz/vibes, we were receiving during the night. 

We can/could understand the position of the previous Assembly - they were dictated a line of policy/politic to adopt toward that historic SIROP program and they did, the speaker and deputy and may others. Their oppressive, exclusion and terrible Benchmark. 

During his Term of Office former Minister Pat Pillay  and the three supporting Ministers making his breakaway wing of the Party, they knew and must have known a very great deal about that SIROP program - again Party political politic, policy prevented them form taking a respective stand/position - what we wrote above.  In spite of it being the core cause of the break away,  they all refused to discuss and mentioned to the media, TV, Radio - the rally's leading to the Presidential and the Rally's leading to the national Assembly election.  Yet the people and citizens knew Seychelles is small.  What had they wanted to achieve. No political entity would form such a coalition/fusion  and not talk with one of the principal high party of that program in this case Mr Philippe Boule and some of the returning exile-refugees of Seychelles.  

Within and part/parcel of the speaker responsibility is to come to term, understand the many complex debacle of that SIROP program, other major political issue and challenge of the day - this fall upon his desk now and table and his Deputy. If he refuse to look into these the public/nation have a Right to demand his Resignation. He would be adopting a double standard. 

In the case of Hon Wavel Wankalawan as Leader of Opposition - the three previous time in Office and responsibilities, the communication and his refusal to acknowledge and explain to his Party and Executive the issue. Again one can argue because they were a minority not allowed to raised the issue in the Assembly - he is in coalition. His party reason/argument for getting rid of the SPPF/PL Assembly, their corrupted and double standards. 

As for Hon Decomarmond his duty given the allegation/accusation of corruption and abuse thrown at his Ruling Party now question the double standard being adopted by the new speaker and his Office and the Leader of the opposition.  The EU high Office, the UN, African Union, the Arab league, the  COI, the RIM Association, the BRICS, the Francophone and the Commonwealth watching.  

Note - the last bit of our thought - those who talk of them little Seychelles  and yet the publish - part publish content of that Program - the terrible mess the Italian Banks, Austrian and German have landed  linked to that program - in Seychelles ex Minister Pat Pillay and President J A Michel can make life difficult for us in Europe and rest of the world we can make them eat very humble pie with that program - our arguments the so call corruption scandal - the stink is far far bigger and they know it  and their attitude.  In Europe and the USA dealing with this kind of topic, politician mess up they land in the dustbin.  The current situation is linked to  many of the Banking issue - in the old Seychelles with $10 million those who could have toppled the government, with £/$ billion and Trillion at stake the fate of that small country and it people - the Arab nation know otherwise. They are watching us and some parties in Africa. Among the reason we had spent time in Berlin and Vienna and Netherlands working the issue of the last Presidential election in Seychelles. In Europe continent those who know,  well aware of what we are talking about and yet in the Seychelles.


Sixth National Assembly sworn in

With due respect and very deep concern for those two US citizen who lost their life - we address Mr Lewis Betsey above my comment event of 1996/7 the supper mess with our community in Europe, in London then the insult and lampoon by the many ethnic communities and the Irish communities at our performance, the world economic woes and Seychelles - we had just contributed to the RIM association issue - we mention this to explain the science. We worked the 2015 Presidential in Berlin - the Chinese government, the German Intelligence service. Had we more time would have taken contact with some of the parties if/had their been a Presidential change - the complete revamping restructuring of our national economy to Europe an the world working - BRICS. For a long time those from the Deutsche bank in London we have been in contact well aware of the many leverage and unreported dynamic by the media and experts working the big finance and market . some of the elite German politician aware and the EU Central Bank Head aware - I had expected a different reaction from those parties in Germany after the announcement of President JA Michel resignation, the three UN mega meeting was of little help - time is not going to wait. Mr Betsy will you accompany my person to Berlin - be witness to some of the meeting I will undertake take note and publish them, with due discretion - including meeting with the officials of the Deutsche Bank - this one of Germany leading Financial institution linked at the core of that SIROP program. If you are a person of your word and the issues at stake - that Seychelles Tanker fleet was a small memento and they had expected us to come back in respectable and serious way. As they say in German are we all going to do our trouser full. These are thematic way beyond the understanding of Minister Pat Pillay, Hon Wavel and our former Central Bank Chief - President FA Rene is aware, President J A Michel, them Arab from UAE and Qatar in the Know and well aware.    


    Seychelles tops list of most indebted nations          

 This is our 6th National Assembly after 40 years Birthday cake 29/9/16 - that portal project software provider Sainsbury and my birthday cake. We could imitate our grand son smash the cake up.

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