SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Friday, 26 June 2020

Resignation of Chief Justice Mathilda Twomey

Resignation of Chief Justice Mathilda Twomey

With regard to the imminent resignation of Chief Justice Mathilda Twomey, President Faure has confirmed that he has received a letter from her Lordship stating her desire to step down in September. President Faure said he expects to meet her soon to discuss the matter.

As children our great relatives residing at Cascade, Grand mother side. The Ernestine Family and the golden egg people today, the Lafortune and Ho Sap/other Chinese family, the famous Cascade Police Station. His addressing the Truth Commission about Mr Gilbert Morgan. The family business was the main Mechanic/garagist for Judge Stiven, they had lived and worked in East Africa. Our Cascade ancestral family were in the fishing business. Left and right of the cause way to get to their property at high tide the precarious moment and at Low tide the armies of fiddler Crabs saying their.

c'est ma faute, c'est ma faute, c'est ma tre grande faute

id est mea culpa, mea culpa est, culpa est mihi magna nimis

As children we took it for granted.

On the opposite side of the Road much later 1967, there about the big Cinnamon and coconut Transporter of the Lau Tee Family business/residing where the new Police of Anse aux Pins station have been build destroying that massive rock where as children we learn to swim with the big cousins. Judge Stiven driving the first Black Mark 8 Jaguar ex Zanzibar Revolution coming from a government House cocktail party smash in that - the big transporter landing it in the sea. It did not have parking or accident light on. The police who came and informed us that Judge Stiven/Acting Chief Justice ! had had a bad accident, the car was a write off and the Lau Tee 'family decided an out of court settlement ordered a second Black Jaguar mark 8 from Mombasa. The Ernestine Family again check the car over and got it on the road again. Until the replacement car arrived the PWD provided Judge Stiven with a Morris Minor estate and we use to collect grass for the two cows Jersey and Frisian Dolly after Mrs Douglas Bailey and Ti Moo, the Frisian from the Boulle family from the Nageon property then Mr and Mrs Tieno Nageon and the children. Judge Stiven had purchased ex Judge Nageon QC., Bungalow. I have driven both Jaguar Mark 8 Seychelles - Seychelles police saying we never had a driving licence Tested By Inspector Clay Delpech.
It would seem that in Seychelles there is special malaise, mind phenomena. The very important issues of then China President knowledge of that SIROP program contents not publish, then Russian officials, USA, Europe and Africa. France and the Delhomme Family property, then President FA Rene How His Office and government worked compared to have the Truth Commission is hearing and meanwhile many issues of Land/property acquisition before the Truth Commission. Impact of that SIROP program on then China and rest of the world and China President very office. His decision to Help Build and fund the construction of the New Assembly Building and two years later the Palais de justice. Today had my person accepted Mr Marcel Pothin offer to Join his Commonwealth Masonic lodge my prominence. I declined , What I knew. Both our Justice and Assembly affiliation to the Masonic fraternity and workings, Ethics. Everybody chose to forget, develop amnesia, this very important part of our nation history, development and the role and impacts of that SIROP program - those who hold the view that Masonic important workings is not to be publish shared in public.

Hu Jintao - General Secretary of the Communist Party from 2002 to 2012

China Funds Construction of National Assembly Building

New Palais de Justice building to start soon | 18 March 2011 -

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